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Portland Area League of Women Voters of Maine Co-hosts "Corporate Power in America's State Houses"

Portland - Alexander Hertel-Fernandez will speak on "Corporate Power in America's Statehouses" in Portland this Friday followed by a Q&A session and audience discussion with Maine Citizens for Clean Elections Program Director BJ McCollister and State Representative Diane Russell. The event is being cosponsored by the Portland Area League of Women Voters of Maine, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, Zero Station, and the Maine Chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network.

What: Alexander Hertel-Fernandez on "Corporate Power in America's Statehouses"
Where: Zero Station, 222 Anderson Street, Portland, ME 04101
When: Friday, February 21, Noon-1:15pm

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, has received considerable attention in recent years for its involvement in promoting conservative policies in state legislatures. Bloomberg BusinessWeek called ALEC a "bill laundry" for corporate policy ideas. Still, there is little known about what groups are behind ALEC and when they support or back off from the lobbying organization.

Alex Hertel-Fernandez, a Research Fellow and doctoral candidate at Harvard University, will discuss his research on ALEC and its influence in state legislatures around the nation. In addition to his research on business interests in advanced democracies, Hertel-Fernandez also studies the politics of federal tax policy, the sustainability of programs such as unemployment insurance and Social Security, and the politics of organized labor and the Democratic Party.

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