Ranked Choice Voting Advocates Predict Quick Win In High Court

Press Release April 11, 2018

Advocates Applaud Announcement that Implementing RCV for the June Primary Will Not Require Additional Funding

Augusta - Maine's popular ranked choice voting law is likely to be reviewed by the Law Court in the coming days, following a decision of Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy Wednesday afternoon.

League of Women Voters of Maine President Jill Ward said, "We look forward to the Law Court's prompt review. We are confident that the law will be upheld in its entirety. This will be the end of the road for opponents of ranked choice voting."

"The last ditch litigation effort should not delay implementation and public education. It is time for Mainers to unify behind efforts to make sure all Maine voters are prepared to cast their ballots in June," Jill Ward added.

Advocates for ranked choice voting implementation also applauded the Maine Secretary of State's recent determination that additional funding is not needed for RCV implementation. In a letter to the Chairmen of the Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap reported that cost refinement measures and utilization of existing resources will allow his office to implement ranked choice voting for the June 12th primary without additional action of the legislature. " . . . I am pleased to report to you that, once the budget order is processed, we will have sufficient appropriated funds available to conduct both the Primary election and the Special Referendum Election on June 12, 2018, in accordance with the law on ranked-choice voting."

"The Secretary of State's recent analysis puts to rest many of the claims made by opponents of ranked choice voting," said Jill Ward. "We are pleased that the Secretary of State has identified cost savings and other measures that now clear the way for successful implementation of ranked choice voting for the primary."

Learn more about RCV at Maine Uses RCV's new website: https://rcv.mainecleanelections.org. Please also visit https://www.lwvme.org and https://www.mainecleanelections.org for information about the organizations behind this project.