Secretary of State Dunlap Releases Ballot That Will Be Used In First Ranked Choice Voting Primary Election in the United States

Press Release April 24, 2018

League of Women Voters of Maine will use the sample ballot to show voters how to cast their vote using RCV.

Augusta - In an historic development, the Secretary of State has published the ranked choice voting ballots that will be used on June 12.

"The ballot is clear and easy to understand, and we think it will lead to a good voting experience in the June 12 primaries," said Jill Ward, President of the League of Women Voters of Maine. "This is the first party primary election ever to use ranked choice voting in the United States. We are pleased to see that the ballots were designed to be easy for the public to use and understand."

RCV will be used in the June 12 primary elections where three or more candidates are on the ballot. RCV will be used in two Democratic races + the gubernatorial primary, and the congressional primary for the Second District (northern Maine). RCV will also be used in two Republican races + the gubernatorial primary, and the legislative primary in District 75 (the town of Turner).

The League of Women Voters of Maine is conducting a statewide public education project to inform voters about the use of ranked choice voting. The LWVME offers free community presentations explaining RCV. Any interested individual or organization should contact

"Voting will not be significantly different this year, but it would be a good idea for voters to check out the ballot before they actually vote," said Ward.

The new RCV ballot layout can be viewed at

Voters can find more information about voting in their town by using the Maine Voter Information Lookup Service:

Learn more about RCV at Maine Uses RCV's new website: Please also visit and for information about the organizations behind this project.