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National Popular Vote Bill Passes Maine Senate

Press Release May 14, 2019

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LD 816: An Act to Implement the National Popular Vote for President of the United States, passed the Senate today with a vote of 19 in favor to 16 opposed. Approval of the National Popular Vote Compact will enable the candidate who wins the most votes nationwide to become president.

"Today the Maine Senate took a very important step toward a more democratic, participatory national vote for president." said League of Women Voters Advocacy Chair Ann Luther. "There is no single piece of legislation nationally that would do more to restore voter confidence and honor the principle that each vote counts equally."

LD 816 would give all Mainers the same power as people in battle ground states like Florida and Pennsylvania.

"We have heard a lot about red states and blue states," continued Luther. "But we are all one country. It is time to end the divisive approach that has grown up around the electoral college and move to a simple system: the person with the most votes wins. Members of the Senate saw through the misinformation and myths about the electoral college and did the right thing on behalf of all Mainers."

LD 816 will now move to the House for additional votes. We are confident that the House of Representatives will now follow the Senate and that this bill is on its way to enactment.