Making Democracy Work

League of Women Voters of Maine Names Board Directors for 2017-2019

The League's Biennial Convention featured presentations by Harvard Scholar Theda Skocpol, Author Colin Woodard, Maine Public's Irwin Gratz, and the Sun Journal's Judy Meyer

Press Release May 22, 2017

Brunswick + The League of Women Voters of Maine re-elected Jill Ward as president during its biennial convention Saturday, May 20, in Brunswick. Ms. Ward, along with her newly elected board, is eager to continue the League's leadership role on voter education and advocacy to ensure a Maine where democracy works for all. "I am honored and excited to continue to lead this historic organization and carry on its tradition as a strong voice for political equality and an inspiration for civic participation."

The event featured a pre-convention dinner and presentation on the 19th by Andrew Rudalevige, Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government at Bowdoin College, talking about his series, Founding Principles. On Saturday, in addition to electing a new board, delegates to the convention charted a course for the next two years leading up to the 100th Anniversary of the League of Women Voters in 2020. During the morning session, attendees explored the political polarization of our nation and state with Theda Skocpol, Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology, Harvard University, and Colin Woodard, author of American Nations: The Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America. The afternoon session featured a panel discussion on navigating the new reality of "fake news" with Irwin Gratz, Morning Edition Producer at Maine Public, and Judy Meyer, Managing Editor at the Sun Journal.

As part of the approved program for the next two years, the League will take on two important new studies for the biennium: one on primary election systems, and the other on appropriate uses of and restrictions on the citizen initiative process. The state League will also continue its work on implementation of the voter-approved Ranked Choice Voting law and launch a new community conversations initiative to promote civil discourse around key topics of importance to making democracy work for all Mainers.

In addition to Ms. Ward, the League of Women Voters of Maine (LWVME) is pleased to announce the following Officers and Directors for 2017-2019:

  • Jill Ward, President (South Portland)
  • Polly Ward, Vice President (South Freeport)
  • Cathie Whittenburg, Secretary (Portland)
  • Ann Luther, Treasurer (Trenton)
  • Peg Balano, Director (Falmouth)
  • John R, Brautigam, Director (Portland)
  • Helen Hanlon, Director (Winthrop)
  • Barbara Kaufman, Director (South Freeport)
  • Linda Lord, Director (Brooks)
  • Barbara McDade, Past President, Director (Bangor)
  • Stephanie Philbrick, Director (Bowdoin)
  • Anne Schink, Director (South Portland)