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LWVME/MCCE Action Announce New Collaboration, Seek Executive Director

Press Release October 24, 2017

Reaching a milestone in their long history of collaboration, today the League of Women Voters of Maine and Maine Citizens for Clean Elections announced their intention to hire a joint Executive Director to lead the two organizations through 2018 and beyond.

Gary Friedmann, MCCE Board President, announced this historic development: "Given the deep and longstanding connections that bind MCCE and LWVME, and our uniquely complementary strengths and resources, this is an exciting development in our rich history together. This collaboration is an important step toward increasing the scope of our work and our impact as we continue to engage with the many pressing issues confronting our democracy."

Jill Ward, LWVME Board President, said: "Although our state and nation face profound challenges, organizations such as LWVME and MCCE have risen to the occasion, effectively employing tremendous resources of experience, knowledge, and citizen-powered action. Taking our partnership to this new level allows us to build upon decades of successful advocacy and public education work that has distinguished both organizations. Pooling our strengths will ensure that long into the future we will continue to provide an ever more effective response to the challenges that confront our system of self-government."

The complementary nonpartisan missions of MCCE and LWVME mean that the new Executive Director will have the opportunity to lead the joint work of two broad-based and mutually-reinforcing organizations. LWVME has a long tradition of volunteer leadership and activism, established by its national parent organization and flourishing in Maine for almost a century. And for twenty years MCCE has spearheaded the fight for Clean Elections and campaign finance integrity here in Maine, leading two successful statewide citizen initiative campaigns to create and enhance the first-in-the-nation system of public funding of state elections.

Both organizations are committed to achieving the full potential of democratic self-government enshrined in our nation's founding principles, yet to be fully realized. The mission statement of LWVME is as follows:

The League of Women Voters of Maine is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. We never support or oppose any political party or candidate.

For more information on LWVME's mission see,, and for information about the current work of LWVME see

The mission statement of MCCE is as follows:

Maine Citizens for Clean Elections is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to ensure that Maine's campaign finance laws, elections, and government serve the public interest, both in principle and in practice. We engage Maine people from across the political spectrum, using research, education, and outreach to further fairness, inclusion, and opportunity in our politics.

For more information on MCCE's mission see and for the information about the current work of MCCE see

The appointment of a shared Executive Director will allow MCCE and LWVME to carry out a substantial amount of joint work under the collaborative direction of both organizations. In parallel to their new formal partnership, MCCE and LWVME will retain their status as separate organizations and maintain their capacity to pursue separate projects.

The job description and application instructions are posted here.

For more information contact Gary Friedmann at or Jill Ward at