Making Democracy Work


Press Release November 14, 2018

Augusta - Today, the League of Women Voters of Maine applauded the effective implementation of the State's precedent-setting ranked choice voting system. The Secretary of State's announcement that Democratic challenger Jared Golden has received a majority of support and will go on to represent Maine's 2nd Congressional District in January marks the conclusion of an historic advance in the conduct of elections.

"Today marks an important victory for democracy, as well as for anyone who values a truly representative governing body. By casting their ranked votes, Mainers have demonstrated the power of the people not only in choosing their representative but in advocating for a system that more accurately represents their preferences," said Jill Ward, President, League of Women Voters of Maine.

As has been widely reported, no CD-2 candidate received a more than 50% majority of first-choice votes on November 6, triggering the ranked choice voting tabulation process in which the candidate(s) with the least support are eliminated. Those ballots were then redistributed to voters' second-choice candidate.

"We applaud the Office of the Secretary of State, clerks, wardens, and volunteers who ensured that the ranked choice voting process was transparent and lawful, dutifully implementing the will of the people under extraordinary pressure," said Ward. "We urge candidates and their supporters on both sides to embrace this important exercise in democracy and move forward, together, in the public interest of our state and our country."

Leading up to the June primaries and last week's general election, the League of Women Voters of Maine Education Fund conducted a broad public education project, Maine Uses Ranked Choice Voting, for the purpose of educating voters and others involved in the election. As part of this effort, the Fund reached over 200,000 Mainers with information, resources, and presentations.