2021 Biennial Convention

Convention Booklet

We're always on the mission to protect voting rights, advocate for democracy reform, get big money out of politics, and safeguard free and fair elections. The Maine League stands out among any other state Leagues because of the momentum we carry behind our membership, volunteer efforts, and advocacy work. This year's Convention was hosted virtually on Zoom. 

Convention is the powerful moment for League members to come together and vote on the future of our organization. But it's also so much more than that. We've invited guests to talk with our community about the importance of youth engagement and civics education, two major ways to inspire lifelong voters and civically-engaged lives. It's what we're all about: creating accessibility to the ballot and local government, and breaking down barriers for marginalized or disadvantaged youth.

What is Convention? 

Every two years, we host a Convention in which League members elect officers and directors, adopt programs, make bylaws changes, and adopt a budget. It's a formality common to every State League, but it's also an exciting opportunity to network and engage on relevant issues with fellow League members and with national and state experts.