Making Democracy Work

LWVPA Revised Goals 2017-2018

To Make Democracy Work for All of Us

1. Voter Services
  • Facilitate Voter Registration
    o Register at least 40% of new US citizens at naturalization ceremonies throughout year.
    o Develop/ implement procedures for notifying new voters of election dates and issues.
    o Conduct at least 6 additional community, local high school, and college voter drives
    o Develop tri-fold pamphlet explaining details of voter registration process

  • Educate Voters
    o Provide information about voting and LWV policy positions to groups of new Mainers and those who may not know about or share our policy positions.
    o Participate in LWVME study on Primary/Caucus system facilitated by PA members trained in facilitation. our trained members (develop study committee).
    o Foster an understanding of the voting process and what is on the ballot.
    o Identify districts where there are low voter registration and voting rates. Develop an action plan with residents to improve these rates.
    o Translate "Making Your Vote Count" brochure into at least one language, working with community members

2. Membership Development
  • Improve outreach to members. Collect data about whom, why and how people become members, including interest in any advocacy issues. Use this information to more effectively reach PA members and to make sure members are as involved as they want to be.
  • Continue and diversify the work of our Membership and Nominating Committees to develop annual events and timetable for each committee.
  • Highlight the accomplishments of League members (Christina DeTroy book talk, etc)

3. Communications
  • Identify and track data to measure effectiveness of PA-wide emails/newsletter
  • Post monthly on facebook and/or twitter, posting LWVPA and partner events, news releases, photos
  • Update website monthly
  • Identify apps to help with volunteer management/connection (

4. Community Conversations
  • Continue to develop trained facilitators and a work plan to use these skilled facilitators at League events
  • Facilitate discussions on relevant topics including book groups and League studies.
  • Organize at least one discussion this year with a new partner/ organization.
  • Participate in and align with efforts at state and national levels