Making Democracy Work

SSRN Collaboration Coordinator

DescriptionThe Maine Scholars Strategy Network brings prominent scholars from around the country to Maine to deliver public talks on their research into social, political, and economic science. The League of Women Voters is partnering with Maine SSN to create a broader audience for these talks in communities throughout Maine. We expect to co-sponsor two events per year -- one in the fall and one in the spring. The Project Coordinator works with Maine SSN to select speakers and arrange a two-day speaking tour involving co-sponsorship with our local chapters or other members around the state.
LocationThis work can be done from home.
Time commitmentPlanning is likely to begin three months in advance of each event. Time commitment will be just an hour or two a week but may be more intense during the week of the events.
Skills requiredCollaboration, networking, communication & team work, detail orientation, understanding of the League's mission and nonpartisanship.
Benefits to the LeagueCreates visibility and earned media for the League in communities where the events take place; builds our collaboration with the University of Maine community and opinion leaders in our areas of interest; contributes to the fulfillment of our mission by fostering civil discourse and public understanding of important public policy issues.
LWVME contactAnn Luther
Additional backgroundOur League in Bangor has partnered with the Maine SSN on events in the past. We aim to build that experience and deliver these great programs in Portland, L/A, Augusta, and elsewhere. The Maine SSN has some financial resources to underwrite honoraria and travel expenses. The League will collaborate with them to choose speakers of mutual interest and arrange venues, publicity, and speaker accommodations for these events.