Making Democracy Work

Engaging and Informing Voters

The leaders we elect make the decisions that affect us all -- our jobs, health care, energy costs, security, and more. The League helps you get registered, get to know the candidates and issues, and get out and vote.

Election 2020 ➤ The League presents a guide to the elections throughout the 2020 year. Learn more about what is on your ballot, voter registration, absentee voting, and more. 

Making Your Vote Count Brochure: This is a go-to guide for voting in Maine. Print and digital copies are available in the following languages:
English ➤
Espanol ➤
Francais ➤
Arabic ➤
Somali ➤

Welcoming New Citizens ➤ The League helps new citizens register to vote during Naturalization ceremonies. Learn about how you can get involved and volunteer. 

Neighbor to Neighbor Voting ➤  A project of the League designed to increase voter engagement and participation in our political process through canvassing neighborhoods with low voter participation. 

High School Voter Registration ➤ In Maine, high school students can pre-register from age 16. 

Resources for Voter Service ➤ A list of helpful resources for new voters. 

The Democracy Forum ➤ A monthly radio program on topics in participatory democracy on WERU-FM.

Founding Principles ➤ Highly recommended series from Bowdoin College on the theory and practice of government and democracy in the United States of America.

Links to other sites of interest ➤ Links to local government, federal government, and political parties.