Protecting Voters and Improving Elections

The League of Women Voters believes that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed. The League is dedicated to ensuring that all eligible voters have the opportunity to vote. We support measures that enhance the smooth conduct of elections and public confidence in election outcomes. And we work for election measures that increase voter participation and representative outcomes.

Ranked Choice Voting: Learn about the history of RCV in Maine, why the League supports it, and how it works. 

Universal Vote-by-Mail Analysis: Our Advocacy Team identified best practices to ensure that no voter is left behind. We hope that our conclusions will help inform thinking about how best to guarantee secure, accessible and accurate elections in this time of great uncertainty during COVID-19 and for the future.

Early VotingEarly voting is different from in-person absentee voting because ballots are cast immediately and not put aside to be cast by a clerk on Election Day. With true early voting, the voter casts their own ballot into the ballot box or optical scanning machine when they vote before Election Day.

Election Intregrity and Security: The League supports voting systems that are secure, accurate, recountable, accessible, and transparent. Our democracy rests not only on the integrity of our election process, but also on the public confidence that we, as citizens, have in our elections.

Automatic Voter RegistrationAVR is a secure and efficient process that improves the timeliness and accuracy of our voter rolls. The system registers eligible citizens to vote when they get or renew a driver's license or change their address with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Eligible citizens will also be registered when the interact with other state agencies where they are already asked to provide proof of eligibility to vote: identity, address, citizenship, and signature.

National Popular VoteWe support the use of the National Popular Vote Compact as one acceptable way to achieve the goal of the direct popular vote for election of the president until the abolition of the Electoral College is accomplished/

Primary Elections: Read about our fight for primary elections in Maine. 

Money in PoliticsThe League is deeply committed to reforming our nation's campaign finance system to ensure the public's right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, enable candidates to compete more equitably for public office and allow maximum citizen participation in the political process.

Redistricting in Maine: We are working under the People Powered Maps™ program and focusing on federal legislative fixes and civic engagement and education. We will urge our representatives and senators in Congress to pass HR 1 and HR 4 and implement fair maps for the 2021 redistricting cycle.  

Legislative Priorities: What we are focusing on during the current Legislative session.



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