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November 2018 Easy-to-Read Voter Guide

Press Release, October 9, 2018

Candidate bios and statements

Pros and cons of the ballot question

How to register and vote

And more ...

Download your copy below:

In English

In Somali

In Arabic

For ASL and audio versions, click here. Brought to you in collaboration with our partners at Disability Rights Maine.

Portland residents, download your special supplement here:

In English

In Somali

In Arabic

From a Cumberland voter: "I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put towards putting forth a clear and easy-to-access guide to elections in Maine. Each year I search and search for a clear and simple guide to what is on the ballot, and who I am eligible to vote for. I usually scour the internet looking at news publications and the State of Maine website and can never find anything if it exists at all.

Thank you so much for being a consistent supporter of the democratic process."

Karen Richards of Portland reads about ballot questions while waiting to vote, November, 2016.
Carl D. Walsh/Staff Photographer for the Portland Press Herald

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