League of Women Voters of Maine Statement on Ranked Choice Voting and Constitutionality

Released January 21, 2016

"We understand that there is an open question of whether Ranked Choice Voting would be constitutional in Maine," said Jill Ward, President of the League of Women Voters of Maine.

"There is no consensus answer to that question. In 2011, after three years of careful study, the League of Women Voters of Maine endorsed Ranked Choice Voting because it puts more power in the hands of voters, ensures those elected to office have the broadest support, promotes civility in campaigns, and may serve to reduce voter cynicism and increase voter participation. These are values we support and believe would improve our election system.

If the people of Maine want Ranked Choice Voting for the many civic benefits that it would confer -- and the League of Women Voters is in this camp -- the surest means to that end would be to pass Ranked Choice Voting at the polls in 2016. Should there be a review by the courts that results in an adverse court opinion, we would support a constitutional amendment to allow Ranked Choice Voting to be implemented in time for the 2018 election."