Reporting Election Misinformation

We're concerned about people trying to discredit our elections and election processes. In politics, there's always zealous advocacy where people try to cast their position in the best possible light. If you see something that goes beyond zealous advocacy into intentional deception about the election and voting process, we'd like to know about it. We're also interested in widespread misinformation, whether or not you think there's any intentional deception. A strong democracy requires people to have good information!

You can report the incorrect information anonymously or request follow up from the League of Women Voters Trust in Elections team.  Please give us as much information as you can about where to find the misinformation, so we can look into it thoroughly.



What kind of false information are we looking for?

  • Any kind of social media post (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) that falsely discredits Maine's elections. 
  • To report false information about U.S. federal elections, check out this form.
  • See the examples below.

Sample social media post about false election misinformation. The social media post reads: "Every year, thousands upon thousands of fraudulent voters  take advantage of  Maine’s elections." This type of post is false.This is an example of a false social media post. It reads: "Poll workers stuff  ballot  boxes with bogus votes all  the time and get away  with it!!!!" This information is false.