League Studies

The League's study program consists of those governmental and public policy issues that League members in Maine have chosen for concerted study over the years. Studies can lead to adopted positions and advocacy. The League program process begins with selection and adoption of priority issues, continues with study and discussion, and culminates in action and change.

But before the League can take action, it is essential that members have an opportunity to be informed on that issue and reach broad agreement or consensus.

Study makes action possible. During the study phase, members have an opportunity to examine the facts, along with key pro and con arguments. They are encouraged to discuss the political realities of action on that issue and to engage members of the broader community in the discussion. Study gives members the knowledge that makes League action uniquely credible. Learn more about the League study process here.


From the archive:

2023: Voting Age Study

2019: Citizen initiatives and people's vetoes

2017-2018: Primary election systems 

2007-2011: Money in Politics and PACs in Maine

2011: Ranked Choice Voting (also Instant Run-off Voting)

2009: Equality in Marriage