Join the League of Women Voters of Maine!

For over 100 years, the League has been a powerful, grassroots organization that works to educate voters and make government more accountable to the people.

The legacy of the League of Women Voters is bold.

Today, the League stands for the rights of all people to be active participants in their government. We educate voters, empower people to participate in civic life, and advocate for policies that strengthen our democracy.

Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to people of all genders, backgrounds, and political beliefs who are age 16 or older and who agree with our foundational principles. 

Membership dues contribute to the success of our work by covering a portion of our operating costs. These dues ensure that we can remain independent and accountable to our members. Dues are not tax deductible. Learn more about what it means to be a League member.




Membership Levels:

Pay As You Can: $__. The cost of dues should not be a barrier to membership. Choose the monthly or annual rate that works best for you.

Student: $5/year. Open to full-time students age 16 and older.

First Year Member: $25/year or $2.50/month. Is it your first year with the League? It’s time to get your feet wet. The discount is on us.

Individual: $55/year or $5/month. Perfect for the advocate interested in making an impact in the state of Maine's democracy.

Household: $85/year or $7.50/month. Your entire household, whether friends, roommates, and/or relatives, can access the League’s resources.

Mentor: $100/year or $10/month. Wow! You’re a devoted steward of Maine’s democracy.

Champion: $250/year or $25/month. There's no doubting your commitment to our advocacy, education, and voter engagement work. Thank you!