Election Observation and Protection

The bedrock of our democracy is voter confidence in free and fair elections. In Maine, there are many laws and protocols in place to ensure voters are free from intimidation, that our elections are secure, and that the results are accurate. Additionally, the League is running several programs to ensure that Mainers can vote safely, votes are counted securely, and that the integrity of our elections is protected. 


Nonpartisan Election Observation

If you choose to vote in person on any major election day, you may see a League nonpartisan election observer. We deploy these volunteers to polling locations to check on the conditions, help resolve any issues, talk to poll workers, and offer our gratitude. We appreciate our election heroes and all the work that goes into running a smooth election cycle. We're hoping to observe in more polling places than ever for these important elections in 2024.

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Voter Hotline 

The League’s voter hotline is staffed by experienced volunteers and legal experts who can can answer questions like:

  + How do I register to vote? 
  + How does absentee voting work? 
  + What might be on my ballot? 
  + How does Ranked Choice Voting work?

Have an election or voting question? Call or text our Voter Hotline at 207-558-3333. Or click here to email your question.


Report Election Mis- and Disinformation

We're concerned about people trying to discredit our elections and election processes. In politics, there's always zealous advocacy where people try to cast their position in the best possible light. If you see something that goes beyond zealous advocacy into intentional deception about the election and voting process, we'd like to know about it. We're also interested in widespread misinformation, whether or not you think there's any intentional deception. A strong democracy requires people to have good information!

You can report the incorrect information anonymously or request follow up from the League of Women Voters Trust in Elections team.  Please give us as much information as you can about where to find the misinformation, so we can look into it thoroughly.