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Maine Voter Newsletter

Published April 2022

Our spring newsletters reflects on war and elections in Ukraine, standing up for Tribal Sovereignty, fixing the status quo through National Popular Vote, our latest advocacy efforts of supporting semi-open primaries and secure post-elections audits, and more! We're gearing up for the summer election, too, so check out all our spring updates to stay up-to-date on League news.


Maine Voter Newsletter

Published October 2021

The fall edition of the Maine Voter newsletter brings you the quick facts about November's election, including how to look up what's on your ballot, who might be collecting signatures at polling places, and how Westbrook residents could implement Ranked Choice Voting for municipal elections. It's an exciting time, and there's a lot happening around Maine!




Impact on Issues

Published November 2022

Impact on Issues is our most concise record of our advocacy and legislative work from 2007-onward. In the latest legislative session, from 2021-2022, we focused on expanding voting rights in the aftermath of the pandemic, election security and integrity, campaign finance, racial justice issues, tribal sovereignty, and more.


Maine: The State of Our Democracy

Published April 2021

After a tumultuous year in American politics, Democracy Maine releases the second edition of their report, State of Maine Democracy, that assesses the health of the stateโ€™s government and democracy. The first edition was released in April 2020, just after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the 2020 version here.


Post-Election Report: Maine's 2020 Election

Published December 2020

A new report outlines what we did to prepare for Election Day. We describe the advocacy and structural work that we adopted for the challenge of running an election during COVID. We had more than 100 volunteers on the ground on Election Day, and we have over 300 reports from the field. Finally, this report provides a few lessons on what we learned, and of course, a few recommendations.


Impact on Issues

Published November 2020

Impact on Issues briefly traces significant actions and achievements of the League of Women Voters of Maine, includes the official statements of positions that formed the basis for action, and describes the League's current priorities.


Report: 40B

Published July 2020

The Immigrant Housing Coalition embarked on this research to help identify some of the challenges in the affordable housing arena. This report is the first step to learn more about housing and affordable housing policy in Maine. As such, we have identified a policy gap in affordable housing development in Maine compared to our southern New England neighbors.


Report: Maine's July 14th Primary

Published August 2020

Holding an election during a global pandemic can be a messy business. It certainly tested Maine's election system. This report offers a summary of the successes and challenges of the primary, drawing on observations and reports from around the state as well as preliminary data from the Secretary of State.


Universal Vote-by-Mail Analysis

Published March 2020

In an analysis of all-mail elections (also known as Universal Vote by Mail), our Advocacy Team identified best practices to ensure that no voter is left behind. We hope that our conclusions will help inform thinking about how best to guarantee secure, accessible and accurate elections in this time of great uncertainty and for the future.




Forums in a Box

Published Aug 2022

The Forums in a Box Toolkit for Local Organizers has been developed to help community organizations partner with the League of Women Voters to conduct candidate and issue forums in local communities. This toolkit is also designed to offer guidance to Local League chapters organizing candidate and issue forums in their area.




Publications of the LWVME Education Fund

List of Ed. Fund publications and voter guides