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Press Release February 4, 2020

Augusta - The League of Women Voters of Maine today affirmed its support of Maine's voter-approved Ranked Choice Voting law in response to the People’s Veto effort announced today by the Maine GOP.


"Maine people have endorsed RCV many times in many ways, by clear electoral and legislative majorities,” said Anna Kellar, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters. “November candidates and the parties that support them have nothing to fear from RCV if they have the support of a majority of Maine people.”


"The League of Women Voters of Maine endorsed Ranked Choice Voting in 2011 because it puts more power in the hands of voters, ensures those elected to office have the broadest support, promotes civility in campaigns, and may serve to reduce voter cynicism and increase voter participation," said Kellar. “These are values we support, and we stand ready to defend them."

The League of Women Voters of Maine has been a leading advocate for Maine’s use of Ranked Choice Voting since 2011.

The 129th legislature passed LD 1803 that extends RCV to presidential elections. It became law without the Governor’s signature last month and will go into effect in July 2020. Under the new law, Maine will tally votes for U.S. Presidential Election in November 2020, using ranked choice voting and award its four electors based on the RCV tally, two statewide, and one each per Congressional District.