Making Democracy Work

New Member Coordinator

DescriptionThe Maine League of Women Voters is growing and we are looking for someone who to help us manage our growth and increase our ability to make a difference in the state.

The Membership Coordinator would be responsible for:

  • Initiating contact with new members to provide information on the League and assess their desired level of involvement
  • Managing member/volunteer outreach initiatives through the League website, webinars, and other venues
  • Maintaining regular email contact with members to provide updates on events and volunteer opportunities
  • Working with other League leaders to identify needs for volunteer assistance


LocationThis work can be done from home.
Time commitmentThis is an ongoing commitment that would require 5-10 hours/week of time.
Skills requiredLeadership, collaboration, networking, communication & team work, detail orientation, understanding of the League's mission and nonpartisanship. You would be provided with a League email account but would need to have your own computer and strong computer skills.
Benefits to the LeagueThis is a critical position that will allow the LWVME to develop stronger connections with our members and increase our capacity throughout the state.
Additional background