Speakers' Bureau: Using Your Voice! Literally your voice.

Hosted on Zoom
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

The League of Women Voters of Maine Speakers' Bureau is made up of members, volunteers, and friends who want to share their knowledge with the public. People of all ages and with any amount of experience are welcome - whether or not you've ever given a talk, you'll find something useful in our meetings. For this one, we'll focus on the voice as an instrument and work on some techniques for using it effectively.

Our meetings alternate between structured, topical workshops and informal check-ins. We talk about using our voices all the time, but mostly mean it metaphorically, as in "make yourself heard!" This time, we'll talk about the voice as an instrument, discussing pitch, intonation, diction, pace, breath - all the things you can vary to change the effects your voice will have on others. It's going to be playful and probably a bit silly, and you'll leave with some vocal control exercises you can practice for the future.

Our workshops are generally participatory and informal - come planning to listen, share as you feel comfortable, and leave with new tools or a new way of thinking about the old ones. 

If you're unable to attend but want to learn more or want to join the Speakers' Bureau whether or not you can come to our meetings, just email Evan at evan@lwvme.org.