LWV-Bangor Book Group

427 Main St
Bangor, ME
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Join the Bangor League for a discussion of The Quiet Before: On the Unexpected Origins of Radical Ideas by Gal Beckerman.

We tend to think of revolutions as loud: frustrations and demands shouted in the streets. But the ideas fueling them have traditionally been conceived in much quieter spaces, in the small, secluded corners where a vanguard can whisper among themselves, imagine alternate realities, and deliberate over how to get there. This extraordinary book is a search for those spaces, over centuries and across continents, and a warning that--in a world dominated by social media--they might soon go extinct.

The book group meets at Seasons restaurant in Bangor. If you would like to join by Zoom, please email Lane at lane@lwvme.org for more info.