Let's Talk About Digital Threats to Democracy | Fighting Back on Election Interference

Hosted On Zoom
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

May Topic: Fight Back on Election Interference

5 p.m. EDT // 4 p.m. CDT // 3 p.m. MDT // 2 p.m. PDT // 1 p.m. AKDT

Presented in partnership with the League of Women Voters of Alaska

In the 2024 presidential primary, thousands of AI-generated robocalls to New Hampshire voters attempted to discourage people from voting. Our colleagues at LWVNH are suing to protect voters, with support from LWVUS and Free Speech for People. Join us on this edition of Let's Talk to learn from our people on the ground: what happened, what we're doing about it, and how we can respond to protect voters and elections.

We'll be joined by Liz Tentarelli, President, LWVNH; Courtney Hostetler, Legal Director for Free Speech for People; and Celina Stewart, Senior Director of Advocacy and Litigation at LWVUS.

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About the series:

Disinformation. Conspiracy theories. Extremism. Surveillance. Our democracy is threatened as never before by toxic online content. The social media giants seem unable, or in some cases unwilling, to control the flood of lies and manipulative practices. The staggering — often hidden — reach of Big Tech into our lives endangers civil society, our civil rights, and our privacy. In a "post-truth" world we risk losing the shared understanding that underpins our democracy. 

Each month, we explore a different facet of this crisis with guest experts. Join us to learn, discuss, and work on possible solutions.