Democracy Forum -- One Person, One Vote: The Electoral College and the National Popular Vote

Friday, June 19, 2020
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

LWV-Downeast hosts a monthly radio program on democracy in cooperation with WERU FM. This month, we will talk about the Electoral College, is it working as intended—and by the way, what was intended?—what issues have emerged over time, is Popular Election of the President a solution, and where does the National Popular Vote Compact fit in. Special Guests: Saul Anuzisprincipal and managing partner of Coast to Coast Strategies; Mark Brewerprofessor of political science at the University of Maine - Orono; and Eileen Reaveynational grassroots director at National Popular Vote.

In case you missed it live, you can listen to this show from the archive.

Live programming at WERU is a casualty of the ongoing civil defense against COVID-19, so this show will be pre-recorded June 17. No listener calls will be taken, but comments may be emailed to with Democracy Forum on the subject line.


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