League Launches Nonpartisan Guide and Voter Hotline

Monday, October 12, 2020
Jen Lancaster

[PORTLAND, ME] – The League of Women Voters of Maine recently released the Easy-to-Read Voter Guide, a staple League publication, to be distributed across the state of Maine. 

“There isn’t a better nonpartisan resource out there for voters to learn what they’ll see on their November 3 ballot,” said Anna Kellar, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Maine. “I hope every voter will arm themselves with this information as they head to the polls between now and November 3rd.”

League volunteers are committed to ensuring the print versions are available in regions across the state. With over 120,000 guides in print, this is the widest distribution the League has ever done. Over 90,000 of these guides will be mailed directly to voters, and the rest distributed through Maine by the League's volunteers and partners. Paper guides will arrive at libraries around the state this week.

“The League's Easy-to-Read Voter Guide is an election-year tradition! People love its large-print format and its plain-English explanations,” said Ann Luther, Treasurer of the League of Women Voters of Maine and active with the Downeast Chapter. 

In addition to information about Presidential, US Senate and US House candidates, the nonpartisan Voter Guide includes general information on how to vote in person or via absentee ballot, election processes, how Ranked Choice Voting works, and a sample ballot. 

The League has also launched a digital version to share on its website,

Voters can go online to to learn more about state legislative races, and county and municipal candidates, and referendums. 

“Good democracy requires good information, and voters deserve a nonpartisan guide to help them make informed choices this election,” said Evan Tess Murray, the Education and Engagement Projects Manager for the League of Women Voters of Maine and the head author of this voter guide.  

The voter guide is available in bundles of 50 or more. Individuals can request a bundle for your school, business, faith community, nonprofit organizations and more. Please fill out our form to get started.   


The League is also launching a new hotline to help voters get answers to their questions about registration, absentee ballots, and Ranked Choice Voting. 

“Voters have a lot of questions and uncertainty about voting this year, and we have trained volunteers, who are standing by, to ensure everyone can quickly get answers they can trust,” said Anna Kellar, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Maine.

Voters can call or text the hotline at 207-558-3333 or email In addition, the League is partnering with other non-partisan Maine organizations to answer questions on Facebook at the “Help ME Vote” page.