Action Under the Dome for Monday, June 7

Monday, June 7, 2021
Jen Lancaster

Tuesday, June 8 is Election Day. We've collected voter info for Bar Harbor, Dover-Foxcroft, Durham, Ellsworth, Falmouth, Freeport, Portland, Pownal, and Yarmouth. By visiting, you can see what's on the ballot, find your polling place, and much more! We'll be posting regular updates to our Twitter feed throughout the day. You can follow us here


The Legislature was in session for two days last week. They return today, and they'll be working Monday through Friday this week, plus at least Monday through Wednesday next week. Here is the link to the Legislative Calendar.

Last week was mostly clearing away the deadwood — bills that had no chance of passing. Among those were a couple we were sorry to see go: two bills for the National Popular Vote, LDs 1330 and 1384. We'll be back on this one. Two bills to allow 16-year-old voting also died, LDs 706 and 1051. One bill that we have been supporting did move forward, LD 194, a foreign contribution ban to referendum campaigns.

The rest of our priority bills were still awaiting final committee action in the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee (VLA). 


Last Chance — DEI Training Program: LWVUS has reopened applications to their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training Program, and we encourage our League members to sign up. This year-long program will include training provided by Leaderosity. Participants will receive access to a community platform and two self-led training courses related to DEI. More information is available on the registration form


Good press on D.C. Statehood: Over 700,000 people who live in Washington, D.C. do not have representation. As Mainers, we can use our representation and urge Senator Collins and Senator King to support the #DCstatehood bill. As the article states: "After all, Maine would still be a part of Massachusetts if a previous Congress had not decided that the people who lived here deserved representation. And both Collins and King would be out of a job if the Compromise of 1820 had been subject to a filibuster." Read the full article here

  • LD 202: Constitutional amendment for ranked choice voting for governor and legislature — was reported Majority Ought to Pass along party lines. We are not hopeful on this one; it will require 2/3rds for passage.
  • LD 231: Semi-open primaries — reported out of Committee late Friday, may be on the calendar early this week. Call now to support LD 231.
  • LD 1126: Online voter registration — not yet reported out of committee. One of our highest priority bills this session. We are hopeful regarding final passage.
  • LD 1155: Audits and election transparency — not yet reported out of committee. This important measure is likely to carry a price tag, but it's so important to do.
  • LD 1363: The Secretary of State's housekeeping bill — not yet reported out of committee. Final language still being worked. This includes a lot of good stuff after the 2020 election, including expanding drop boxes and mandating absentee ballot cure procedures. We are hopeful regarding final passage.
  • LD 1417: Corporate contribution ban — not yet reported out of committee. Final amendment language still being worked. We are cautiously optimistic on this one, too. The final language is likely to ban unions, as well as corporations, from giving to candidates and leadership PACs. We do not believe these are equivalent -- unions are democracy in action, but we are grateful to union supporters of the bill for seeing the greater good.
  • LDs 148 and 1575 — other good election measures. Awaiting final committee action.

Stay tuned to this channel. These bills are likely to move swiftly and on short notice from here on out.