Volunteer Blitz for March

Thursday, March 2, 2023
Volunteer Blitz: opportunities to work with LWVME

We hope that you're staying warm on this chilly Thursday ❄️ Here's our Volunteer Blitz for March.

We're looking for dedicated volunteers that will help us educate and inform voters, finalize our local guide to government, and inspire youth engagement and write civic resources for teachers. Pick one that suits your interests and strengths. We hope to hear from your soon!




Voter Engagement Team  

Our Voter Engagement Team has room for new members. Do you want to know what kind of education and engagement work is going on? Do you have a strong interest in our voter guides, youth engagement, civic education, or voter outreach projects? You can lend your voice to guiding and shaping that work moving forward. Local league members would be very welcome!

 We meet every other Thursday morning at 10 AM. Email Evan at evan@lwvme.org to learn more and get an invite to the meetings. 



Voter Guide Planning

It's never too early to start planning for our print voter guide. From design to printing to distribution, there are many opportunities for members to help the process go smoothly in 2024. We're going to create a distribution plan first, ensuring that we have plenty of time to build our list and figure out our process.

 If you'd like to be involved in that process, please email Evan at evan@lwvme.org; whether you have time to join a workgroup or would just like to be kept in the loop, there's a role for you. 



Guide to Local Government Project

We're creating a user-friendly guide to local government in Maine! The guide will serve as a resource for Mainers to learn about how their local government works and to feel empowered to get involved at the local level.

We will be publishing the guide on our website in late March, which means that we need volunteers to help turn our draft into a polished document. We're looking for readers and editors:

Readers: We need volunteers to read and comment on our draft guide! We're looking for readers who have varying levels of experience with local government. If you're unfamiliar with local government, that's fine -- we would love to have you read the guide to see if the information makes sense to a general audience. And if you're familiar with local government, we would love to have you read it for accuracy.

Editors: We are looking for volunteers to edit sections of the guide. We'll need to incorporate feedback from readers, make sure our language is accessible, make sure we don't have any gaps in information that should be included, etc. We will need copy editors too!.

 If you would like to help us create the guide to local government, email Lane Sturtevant at lane@lwvme.org.



Join the Youth Engagement Team

Are you interested in getting more young people involved with civics? Join our Youth Engagement Program Team! We are in need of new volunteers to join our working groups:

  • Advocacy
  • Resources Development 
  • Outreach
  • Curriculum 

 Read more about these working groups & fill out the form to join here. Email allyson@lwvme.org for more information.