Action Under the Dome For Monday, March 6

Monday, March 6, 2023
Jen Lancaster

We hope that everyone stayed safe and warm over the chilly weekend. Some parts of Maine were buried under 8-12" of snow. Muddy season is around the corner, but for now, we'll enjoy the last few bursts of winter.

Here are your weekly updates 👇


Under the Dome

Committees are back in action after having some time off. Last week's hearings lasted for hours, and not everything happened according to the schedule. When there was a blizzard howling outside, we can hardly blame them.

Here's what we're watching this week:

  • LD 34Photo ID: This bill would require voters to show photo ID at the polls. We oppose this bill. The work session was scheduled for Friday, March 3 but was postponed. We're still crossing our fingers that this one dies in committee.
  • 🌟 New!  LD 577Town Websites to Host More Election Info: This bill would provide state support through the office of the Secretary of State for towns to disseminate local election information online. We really like this bill. We did not get a chance to say so at the public hearing on Thursday, but you can read our testimony here. There seems to be some good support for this. We are hopeful.
  • LD 750Giving Candidates More Freedom at the Polling Place: Removes the restrictions on candidates' speech while engaging with voters at a voting place. We oppose this bill. As it stands now, candidates can talk to voters at a polling place, but they can't use any language that may try to sway the voter or ask for their vote. However, this bill would upset the balance between First Amendment rights and voter intimidation. Its public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8 in VLA.  



Ranked Choice Voting Toolkit: It's Here

Local, direct democracy is a powerful right. Everyone should feel empowered to bring change to their community. And for those who want to give voters more choice — and more voice — we've published a Ranked Choice Voting Toolkit that covers the steps for implementing RCV in your town. We're here to help expand RCV across Maine for municipal elections. Explore the toolkit here



National Popular Vote

A National Popular Vote bill will be re-introduced during the 131st Legislature. Now is the time to contact your legislators. The opposition is working to lobby your representatives against NPV. Tell your legislators that Mainers want NPV and that you expect them to support it. Click here to email your rep. It only takes a few seconds.