Election Security and Integrity

In Short

The League of Women Voters supports voting systems that are secure, accurate, recountable, accessible, and transparent. Our democracy rests not only on the integrity of our election process, but also on the public confidence that we, as citizens, have in our elections.

The League believes that we here in Maine have enjoyed a generations-long record of professional, nonpartisan, voter-friendly administration of elections at both the state and municipal level. Our town and city clerks are among the most recognized and trusted government officials in our communities.

To secure public confidence and transparency in our elections for the future, support the following measures:

  • Transparency as to election procedures and opportunities for members of the public to participate and observe the conduct of elections
  • Ballot reconciliation forms for local election officials
  • An election complaint and remediation process
  • Routine monitoring by state and local election officials for double voting
  • Rigorous pre- and post-election audits, including risk-limiting audits before certifying election results.


130th Legislative Session:

In the 130th legislative session, lawmakers considered LD 1155, An Act To Require Election Transparency and Audits. This bipartisan bill will bring true and secure post-election audits to Maine. This is an important step to protect Maine’s elections moving forward, so it is exciting that this bill made it across the finish line and has been signed into law!

We also kept an eye on LD 1779, An Act To Protect Election Integrity by Regulating Possession of Ballots and Voting Machines and Devices. This bill requires that town and city clerks retain possession, custody, and control of sealed ballots unless the law expressly authorizes transfer to another entity. It also prohibits transfer of custody or control of a voting machine or voting device to any person except as authorized by the Secretary of State. This bill has been signed into law!

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