Action Under the Dome for Monday, May 23

Monday, May 23, 2022
Jen Lancaster

Now that the Legislative Session is over, our Under the Dome newsletter will take a break for the summer season. Here's one last THANK YOU to our League community for supporting our advocacy efforts, taking action on critical bills, and making democracy work.

But don't forget: Maine has a primary election coming up on Tuesday, June 14. We’re the experts on elections, and we’re here to help. This email has everything you need to get ready. 

Do you live in Hancock County (District 7)? You will have a Special Election for State Senate on Tuesday, June 14 to replace Louis J. Luchini's seat, who resigned on January 18, 2022. Here's a list of candidates appearing on the ballot

How to vote in Maine


Other helpful links:

+ How do I register to vote?

+ I'm a student at a Maine college. How can I vote?

+ Can I vote with an Absentee Ballot?

+ Can I vote early?

+ How does Ranked Choice Voting work?


Voting information is available in these languages:




Explore what's on your ballot: 

By visiting, you can see what's on our ballot, where candidates stand on the issues, check your voter registration, find your polling place, and much more!

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