Action Under the Dome for Monday, Nov 1

Monday, November 1, 2021
Jen Lancaster

Tomorrow, November 2, is Election Day! If you haven't voted absentee yet or plan to vote in person, don't forget to look up your ballot information at Our nonpartisan election observers will also tour the state and send us updates from polling locations, which we'll post to Twitter

Here's everything you need to know for the coming week.


Here's our complete election guide for Tuesday. 
The online guide provides nonpartisan election information that you actually need. Find out what's on your ballot, where candidates stand on the issues, and more! 


Other Helpful links:
Brief Election Guide
How to Vote in Maine
First Time + Student Voters
Ranked Choice Voting Help
Guide to Nov's Ballot Questions


Voting information is available in these languages:


If you plan to vote in person, you're likely to see all different kinds of petitions at or near your polling place. Trying to understand them can be challenging sometimes. That’s why we’re here to help:

  1.  Citizen Initiative: “An Act To Create a Voter Identification System." This initiative is based on legislation that was defeated (and opposed by LWVME) during the last legislative session. Maine’s elections are secure, and voter ID requirements create a barrier for eligible voters. Decline to sign!
  2.  Affidavit: You might see people promoting versions of the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was not fairly conducted. Do not sign any petitions misusing terms like “forensic audit.” Election security is important, but there's a difference between real election security and the sham ballot reviews being promoted by some partisan factions to discredit legitimate election results. Decline to sign! 
  3.  Citizen initiative to eliminate foreign government influence in Maine elections. This initiative will prohibit donations and disbursements by foreign governments, foreign government-owned entities, and foreign government-influenced entities in ballot measures and candidate campaigns. This evolved from a bill that Maine Citizens for Clean Elections supported, which narrowly failed to override the Governor’s veto last spring. Sign your name! 

Westbrook and Ranked Choice Voting: The League of Women Voters of Maine and Ranked Choice Voting Westbrook joined forces to host a canvassing event ahead of the November 2nd election. The rally informed Westbrook residents about adopting Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) for their local elections, and advocates urged eligible voters to vote YES in support of amending the City Charter to implement RCV. Read more here



Maine Campus Voting Challenge
Tuesday, November 9 at 2:00 PM  [REGISTER HERE]

In collaboration with the ALL IN Democracy Challenge and the Office of Maine Secretary of State, Maine Students Vote is hosting our inaugural Maine Student Voting Awards Ceremony to honor the great election engagement work students, faculty, administrators, and presidents coordinated in 2020.