Action Under the Dome For Monday, January 9

Monday, January 9, 2023
Jen Lancaster

The 131st Maine Legislature is in session. Legislators have submitted their bills, and some of the details are starting to emerge. We'll announce pressing updates once bill language becomes available. In the meantime, here's a quick rundown of how the legislature works. And don't miss our event lineup at the end. 👇

Help, how does a bill become real law? It's a new legislative session here in Maine, which means some of us may need a refresher on how a bill becomes reality. We've got you covered. Click here to read the quick version

Who's my legislator? Sometimes we forget the names of our elected officials. No shame there. Use the Maine Voter Lookup Service to find all the names and contact information for your people. 

Where do our bills go? The bills that the League works on appear before the State and Local Government (SLG) and Veterans and Legal Affairs (VLA) Committees. If you read Under the Dome often, you'll be familiar with the SLG and VLA acronyms. Would you like to see which legislators are on these committees? Check them out here: SLG and VLA

Where can I see the bills? Legislators’ deadline for submitting bills for the new session was December 30. Those bills will now get drafted into statutory language. Bills are printed in their final form once the language is final. We’re expecting about 2,000 bills to be printed this year. You can see the bills as they are printed here.  When you want to look up a bill, you can use this search feature. The League also provides bill tracking on our website, but only for bills specific to our priority areas. 



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